Topic outline

  • General

  • Course description

    This Training of Trainers (TOT) course is designed to provide teachers and policy makers with skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively deliver the C-DELTA program using the COL platform for students and teachers in their respective schools/ educational institutions.


    • develop trainers personal skills and knowledge about Digital Education Leadership and the curriculum
    • develop trainers ability to educate managers, teachers, students about the concepts covered in the C-DELTA programme
    • help trainers familiarise managers, teachers, and students with the use of the C-DELTA platform and downloadable pdfs for use in their own schools/institutions

    Pedagogical approach

    The online TOT course draws on an experiential learning approach. This enables participants to undertake some activities in the C-DELTA modules, gain a personal experience of the pedagogical approach and advance their own digital education leadership simultaneously.

    The intention is to engage participants with the content first and then draw on their personal experience to explain the principles and pedagogical approach underpinning the Framework. This will avoid a theoretical presentation and instead offers a learning opportunity through which participants can situate their own experience.


    Over the course of the 3 weeks participants will engage with key ideas from each of the modules through watching video presentations, undertaking activities on their own,  sharing and discussing and ideas with their group both synchronously and asynchronously, and will engage in personal reflection. They will become familiar with the COL online learning platform and will leave the workshop with some tangible strategies and ideas for taking the C-DELTA program forward in their own contexts.

  • Objectives

    Using a case study approach, engage the participants in the exploration of core concepts of digital footprints, digital identity, searching, ownership, privacy, and networking to enable them to explore core concepts of digital literacy and unpack assumptions around its complexities. 

    Learning outcomes

    • Explore the concept of digital literacy
    • Evaluate your personal digital literacy 
    • Acquire strategies to develop digital literacy of others
    • Demonstrate an understanding of digital identity and how it can be consciously and sub-consciously developed
    • Analyse search strategies
    • Question assumptions about the information we find on the internet

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  • Objectives

    To make informed decisions about the role of digital technologies in education in the 21st century.

    Learning outcomes

    • improve your personal online search strategies
    • understand the benefits and challenges of using open education resources
    • develop the capacity to facilitate the development of healthy digital identities in others
    • recognise the different assumptions others hold about technologies role in driving change
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  • Objectives

    Expanding your personal learning networks and designing open and inclusive learning resources to address an educational challenge in your own context.

    Learning outcomes

    • develop your digital networks
    • understand your position as a digital education leader
    • identify gaps and opportunities in your own context
    • become an online content creator
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  • Criteria:

    1) Have attempted the CDELTA Pre-tests or post-test and post a screenshot of their results with at least 40 score.

    2) Participate in at least 3 out of 6 Zoom sessions

    3) Participate in the 5 out of 9 Discussion forums with relevant and informative posts.

    4) Submit one reflective portfolio of your learning experience for this online workshop and

    5) Complete and submit the feedback form to be completed by Monday April 26, 2021.

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