Lesson 2 - Online Learning and Teaching Methods

5. Choosing Between Face-To-Face and Online Teaching on Campus

5.4. Questions for Consideration in Choosing Modes of Delivery

In summary, here are some questions to consider, when designing a course from scratch:

  • What kind of learners are likely to take this course? What are their needs? Which mode(s) of delivery will be most appropriate to these kinds of learners? Could I reach more or different types of learners by choosing a particular mode of delivery?
  • What is my view of how learners can best learn on this course? What is my preferred method(s) of teaching to facilitate that kind of learning on this course?
  • What is the main content (facts, theory, data, processes) that needs to be covered on this course? How will I assess understanding of this content?
  • What are the main skills that learners will need to develop on this course? What are the ways in which they can develop/practice these skills? How will I assess these skills?
  • How can technology help with the presentation of content on this course?
  • How can technology help with the development of skills on this course
  • When I list the content and skills to be taught, which of these could be taught:
    • Fully online
    • Partly online and partly face-to-face
    • Can only be taught face-to-face?
  • What resources do I have available for this course in terms of:
    • Professional help from instructional designers and media producers;
    • Possible sources of funding for release time and media production;
    • Good quality opens educational resources.
  • What kind of classroom space will I need to teach the way I wish? Can I adapt existing spaces, or will I need to press for major changes to be made before I can teach the way I want to?
  • In light of the answers to all these questions, which mode of delivery makes most sense?