1. Overview

Note: the full Course Outline can be accessed in the resources of the Top Section. 

The overall structure of the Course can be depicted as follows:


1.      Aim of the course: The course will enable participants – who would normally be teachers - to design and develop blended learning courses to a significant degree in the Moodle learning management system (LMS) in line with a structured learning design/blueprint.

2.      Learning objectives: The learners in this course on completion are expected to be able to:

a.      Create an appropriate course structure for blended delivery using Moodle

b.      Create formative and summative assessments in Moodle

c.      Create learning activities in Moodle

d.      Integrate open education resources (OER) and other learning resources/content within Moodle

e.      Manage, and obtain feedback on the Moodle course

3.     Help

The first port of call is always docs.moodle.org which is the official documentation of Moodle.

There are also question marks in front of most elements of activities and resources that you can click on for more information.

You can also contact the facilitator and technical support (or fellow participants, if available!)

See the "Facilitator and other staff details" chapter in this book