1. Moodle structure

To create an appropriate basic course structure, you have to make the following key choices after clicking on the Gear menu/cog top right, and then <Edit settings>:

- "Topics format" (when there are no implied order) or "Weeks" (when you wish the learners to progress sequentially in weeks

(there are other less used options too) 

- "Course layout": 

activity Activity: Choose the options available, save, return to the course and view the effect of your choice. I recommend you start with "Show one section per page". Note: you can read further in "More help"


At this point it is also important to understand Moodle jargon and roles:

  • Category/Sub-category - a group of courses
  • Course – a basic unit of learning Moodle
  • Section/Unit/Module of a course – content area organized in weeks or topics with activities and resources

Note that in this Course the terms  "section", "unit", and "module" are used interchangeably

  • Activities – assignments, forums, quiz, database, glossary, choice, survey
  • Resources – documents, media, labels, web pages, link files and web resources
  • Blocks - navigate and access commonly used components and information quickly

Moodle roles can be described as below (based on Dr Indira Koneru). However, an institution, through the Moodle administrator, might decide to rename these roles, or add different functionality to the roles.