Weeks 2 Zoom session Agenda

Weeks 2 Zoom session Agenda

by Sandhya Gunness -
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For these two sessions we would want to look at :

1. Viewing the contents of the online modules for reviewing their structures- Organising the face to face sessions

2. Summarising the Workshop on Facilitating Blended and Online courses.

3. Read through the resources(opens in new window) listed under Week 2 - Second facilitator's hat: Nurture social relations and Week 2 - Third facilitator's hat: Manage and administer and complete / submit the following week 2 activities and assessments.


  • No-one gets left behind assignment - After reading the activity report, what should be done about those students who are falling behind? Got some ideas? Create an infographic outlining at least 2 strategies to ensure no one gets left behind and share your infographics on the shared discussion forum.