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Week 1 - Welcome Getting to know your peers

Time for introductions! This online course will require you to work collaboratively with your peers! You will discover this is an important facilitation strategy which we are modelling. As you will need to rely on them and they on you its important to get to know them! Introduce yourself by ...

Week 1 - What is facilitation? Define facilitation

What is the difference between teaching and facilitation? 

What are the challenges you might expect in an online class as compared to a face to face session?

Use the discussion forum below to post what you think a good definition of facilitation would be. Have a look what your peers have posted and...

Week 1 - First facilitator's hat: Support online learning Stimulate a good discussion forum

In your experience, what needs to be in place for online course participants to actively participate in a good argument? How would you do this online? Brainstorm your ideas with your colleagues here. Reply to their posts. 

(Note: This discussion contributes to the course completion statistics. In ...

Evaluate a discussion forum post

  1. Identify a post within the forum, 'Stimulate a good discussion forum' by someone other than yourself and copy their response. 
  2. In this forum click 'Reply' below and paste their response into the post, 
  3. Include a mark their post out of 10.
  4. Write a justification for your mark and identify the ...
Week 2 - Second facilitator's hat: Nurture social relations Conflict resolution discussion

Consider this scenario: After a meeting lasting most of the morning, you return to the discussion forum. In the rough and tumble of a lively debate, one participant has posted a message that offends many of your deeply held religious beliefs. You also think that the message is likely to cause ...

Week 2 - Third facilitator's hat: Manage and administer No One gets left Behind forum

Upload your infographics here- Feel free to use the images from this course (Eg from the week 2 refresher quiz, readings,  Creative commons resources,..etc) tp show your solutions for how you would engage all the learners.

Week 3 - Synchronous facilitation techniques Synchronous meeting horror stories

As a group share your favourite synchronous meeting 'horror story'. Describe a meeting from hell. Think of the advice offered by Fogelberg and Tavanyar. What was wrong with the meeting and how might it have been improved? Make sure you post and then reply to at least two of your peers' ...