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certificate: will I receive anything for completing the course?

Yes. Everyone who successfully completes the two summative assessment in the course will receive a certificate.

communicate/communication: how can I communicate with the facilitator?

You can communicate with the facilitator using:

- messages (see top right of screen)

- the general "Course questions Forum" at the start of the course


deadlines: where can I find a list of course deadlines?

See the "How the course works" chapter in the "About this course" book (located under "Resources" in Week 1)



You are welcome to progress independently through this course.

However, there might be group work that you will be informed of.


help: where can I get help?

The first port of call is always which is the official documentation of Moodle.

You can also contact the facilitator, technical support (or fellow participants!)

See "Facilitator and other staff details" chapter in the "About this course" book (located under "Resources" in Week 1)



You are welcome to progress in this course at your own pace preferably in order from week 1 to week 5.

However, the synchronous session will occur at the time communicated by the facilitator.


online synchronous sessions: what can I do if I am unable to attend the online synchronous sessions?

Don't worry! The sessions are recorded and will be available shortly after the sessions end. You can view them in the "Resources" area of the section.


print: can I print the books out?

Yes. You can print the whole book or a chapter. Click into a book and click the gear menu top right. Then make your choice.


time/hours: how many hours should I spend on the course?

It is up to you; however, I recommend a specific number of hours at the beginning of each section/module.