Instructions (for easy reference, you might wish to copy these instructions into a personal file or print it)

NAVIGATION: to navigate through the Course you need to click on the title of the sections. There are also restricted areas that you cannot access until you've done earlier work. To mark an activity as complete, click in the box on the right of the activity. 

  1. Watch the welcome video - remember that you can choose "Fullscreen
  2. Study the Course Outline
  3. Select a course that you currently teach that could be effective in a blended (it is a blend of online and face-to-face) environment and request for it to be created by your Moodle Systems Administrator (or the Course facilitator)
  4. Log into the Moodle platform using the URL (website-address) and userid and password provided. If you have questions at this time, can help to answer your questions at any time - have a bit of a look!
  5. Complete the online surveys listed at "Do a pre-test of your knowledge".
  6. Start to develop the course learning design/blueprint using the "COL Blended Learning Design/Blueprint Template" already provided to you, and refer to the "Example of learning design/blueprint" (both in the Resources area)
  7. Read the welcome email (sent earlier to you)
  8.  Post any general questions you might have in the “General Course Questions Forum” 
  9. Use this link to Join the Telegram group (


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