Course Pre-requisites:

  • Participants must have basic experience of online courses offered via institutional LMS, particularly of the Moodle platform. Note this is NOT an introduction to Moodle course.
  • The course is predominately asynchronous and therefore offers high levels of flexibility in terms of when a participant wants to study it is recommended participants should have daily access to an internet connected digital device (PC, laptop, tablet or Smartphone).
  • Participants ideally should have had some exposure to social media particularly Facebook and WhatsApp.

Course recommendations

  • We recommend participants install the Moodle Mobile app on their smartphones.
  • We recommend participants install the Zoom app on their smartphones.

Course outcomes:

After participating in the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Differentiate online/blended facilitation from traditional teaching support.
  • Facilitate learning in a Blended and Online courses.
  • Manage course logistics using the Moodle management and administration tools.
  • Nurture a caring and supportive social dynamic among remote learners using digital tools.
  • Provide first level technical assistance to online learners.
  • Create an alternative parallel support system to the Moodle environment using Facebook pages and WhatsApp groups.
  • Facilitate synchronous sessions outside of Moodle using Big Blue Button, Zoom, MS Teams etc.

Course Schedule:

  • The course duration is three weeks.
  • It is 20 notional hours of study.
  • We recommend a hours study per day.

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