Salmon (2005) proposed a 5-Stage model of Teaching and Learning Online that can be a useful mechanism to use when designing and facilitating effective online activities.

  1. Online facilitator needs to ensure all students can access and are supported in using the online interactive learning environment. Activities should be designed to welcome and encourage students.

  2. Online facilitator needs to provide activities that help students to establish their online identities and provide opportunities to interact with others.

  3. Online facilitator develops activities that provide students with opportunities to share module relevant information and a form of co-operation occurs, i.e. support for each person’s goals.

  4. Group discussions occur and the interaction between students becomes more collaborative. The Online Facilitator acts as a guide. The communication depends on the establishment of common understandings.

  5. Participants look for more benefits from the online system to help them achieve personal goals, explore how to integrate learning into own context and work place and reflect on the learning processes.

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