In there book, LIVE Connections, Fogelberg and Tavanyar advise:

  • There are numerous logistics that need to be coordinated in a synchronous meeting. Consider having a 'producer' or back channel manager to monitor access to the meeting, muting noisy participants, monitoring 'hands up' requests, and monitoring the chat discussion that runs in parallel to main presentation. 
  • Don’t do ‘synchronous’ what can be done ‘asynchronously’. Exploit the medium for what it is good at, two-way live communication.
  • Devise a check-in activity to allow participants to share prior experiences/knowledge.
  • Be structured but not overly designed – leave ‘spaces’ where the conversation can be left to evolve.
  • Ask participants to turn video cams on if bandwidth allows to make it personal.
  • Chunk the program into 5 minute segments – Keep in mind that attention spans are smaller online.
  • Break the session into interactive engagements. Give the participants something to do beyond 'listen'. Do activities like Think-Pair-Share using break-away rooms. Alternatively allow the participants to share their screens and report on specific issues.
  • Chunk your presentation/message carefully. Note that retention is 50% less than face-to-face engagements.

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