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Page Study Guide
Week 1 - Welcome Page Study Guide
Page Know your facilitator: Sandhya Gunness

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Week 1 - What is facilitation? Page What does good facilitation look like? (Video)
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Pages 87-88

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Week 1 - Facilitator's roles and responsibilities URL Salmon, G. (2005). Five stage model
Page Summary of Salmon's Five stage model
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An updated version can be found here https://link.springer.com/referenceworkentry/10.1007/978-981-19-0351-9_62-1

URL A facilitator's guide to running a Retrospective
Week 1 - First facilitator's hat: Support online learning URL UMA. (2016). Facilitating online discussions
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Week 2 - Second facilitator's hat: Nurture social relations Page Ghirardini, B. (2011). Facilitator's online presence
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Week 2 - Third facilitator's hat: Manage and administer URL Moodle. (2020). Enrolling learners
Page COL. (2020). Checking participant's last access on Moodle
Page Access course completion statistics
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Week 3 - Fourth facilitator's hat: Technical assistance Page COL. (2020). Forgotten Moodle passwords
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Week 3 - Synchronous facilitation techniques Page Fogelberg, F & Tavanyar, J (2015). Live Connections
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Week 3 - Evaluation URL Facilitating Blended and Online Courses evaluation