Available courses

A three week course to assist teachers effectively facilitate blended and online courses.

This is a short course on Teaching in a Digital Age, developed using the Open Textbook with the same title and 12 videos  prepared for Commonwealth of Learning by Dr. Tony Bates. This is a self-paced open course that anyone can join to learn and receive a certificate of competence. You can self-enrol in this course to learn basics of online learning. We encourage learners to take deep dive into the contents of the Open Textbook to benefit more from this course. While the course is open (guest access allowed), we recommend you to self-enrol (register with email) to receive a certificate.

A course to teach instructors in different educational contexts how to develop online and blended courses and how to teach in an online environment.*This course is not offered for certification. Only available for self-learning.*

Introduction to computer forensics, file systems, memory forensics, Operating system forensics, network forensics, email forensics, forensics tools, Investigation and digital evidence, ethical hacking, types of attacks.

Introduction to Digital Marketing, The Online marketplace, Relationship Marketing, Evaluation and improvement, Digital Marketing Channels, Search Engines, Trends in Digital Marketing, Mini Project: Digital Marketing.