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  • Lesson 9 - Quality Teaching in a Digital Age


    Welcome to this lesson on quality in teaching in the digital age, which is intended to provide some practical guidelines for teachers and instructors to ensure quality teaching in the digital age. 



    Upon completion of this lesson, you are expected to be able to:

    • Define quality in terms of teaching in the digital age
    • Determine what are your preferred approaches in teaching and learning
    • Decide what mode of delivery is most appropriate for any course you design or teach
    • Understand why teamwork is essential for effective teaching in the digital age
    • Make the best use of existing resources for any course
    • Choose and use the right technology and tools to support your learning
    • Set appropriate learning goals for teaching in the digital age
    • Design an appropriate course structure and set of learning activities
    • Know when and how to communicate with learners
    • Evaluate your teaching, make necessary improvements and improve your teaching through further innovation

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