Topic outline

  • General

    • Welcome to this short course on "Teaching in a Digital Age".

      We recommend you to do the following, before taking the course:

      • Create an account and log in to the course to take the test;
      • Read the course introduction carefully;
      • Watch the videos in each of the lessons (as many times as you want);
      • Take a critical perspective for adopting online/blended learning;
      • Apply your new learning to your own context;
      • Wherever possible, discuss opportunities and challenges with colleagues; 
      • Practice the "Knowledge Check", as many times as possible; 
      • Take the final test, when you are ready;
      • Download the certificate (appears as pop-up, and thus your browser should be pop-up enabled); and
      • Please complete the "Course Completion Survey" to provide feedback.
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  • Introduction:

    Welcome to this lesson on emerging technologies for teaching and learning. The lesson mainly focuses serious games, AR/VR and Artificial Intelligence and their  potential affordances, advantages, and disadvantages. 



    Upon completion of this lesson, you are expected to be able to:

    • Understand the significance of the constantly emerging new technologies in educational applications
    • Explain the recent technological developments that helped to use series games and virtual reality 
    • Identify the different possible areas to apply artificial intelligence (AI) in education
    • Recognize the potential of new technologies to influence teaching and learning in the digital age