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  • Lesson 2 - Online Learning and Teaching Methods


    Welcome to this lesson on online learning and teaching methods. This lesson explains when and how to accept an approach for integrating openness in the design and delivery of learning. But still, there has been much debate about the advantages and disadvantages of online learning and distance education in terms of quality. So, teachers and instructors must choose the delivery modes properly. As teaching is migrating to more online and digital methods, we must clearly analyze face-to-face teaching through the student demographics, which helps in deciding whether to offer a particular course as either campus-based or fully online.



    Upon completion of this lesson, you are expected to be able to:

    • Determine the most appropriate mode of delivery for any course or program you wish to offer
    • Determine what factors would influence your decision on mode of delivery
    • Identify the role of classroom teaching when students can now increasingly study most things online

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