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  • Lesson 3 - Implementing Online Learning


    Welcome to this lesson on implementing online learning. The lesson mainly focuses on detailing the technological advancements that serve as an alternative to performing the fundamental human activity without any intervention. It can be achieved through some practical guidelines for teachers and instructors to ensure quality teaching along with the role of a teacher or instructor in the digital age.


    Upon completion of this lesson, you are expected to be able to:

    • Understand the nature and role of media and technologies in education and use these technologies appropriately
    • Recognize the need for professional development and training in teaching and define your own needs
    • Recognize the role and importance of learning technology support systems
    • Develop a team approach to teach large classes
    • Understand the need for institutional strategy to support teaching and learning in the digital age
    • Implement the changes within your organization to ensure that quality teaching is properly supported

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