Learning Activity: Search Engines

As related activities we are going to compare search engine result pages (SERP). We will be using the Google search engine for this.

Our queries are:

  • Toyota car
  • First aid training

Once you are ready you can answer the following questions:

1. How many results have you got for each of these searches? (This is indicated just before the first result).

2. How many pages of results? (This is indicated at the bottom).

3. Are the results relevant to you search? (Look at the paragraph of text associated with your results).

4. Are your results related to your location?

Now, look at the ads which are displayed. 

5. Where are they found on the screen? 

6. Are they related with your search query? 

7. Are they related to your location?

Now, click on the first result and the first ad. It is better to open each one in its own tab.

8. Compare the quality of the content. Compare their aim as well.

Write down your observation of the above in a word document and upload on the platform.