Quality Framework

In this section, you will discuss a set of best practices aimed at guiding the design and implementation of online and blended courses. A word of caution about 'best practices' is that what is best for one institution, may not be the best for another, especially when the learning contexts are varied. Therefore, it is important to discuss and assess best practices in relation to institutional contexts as well as learning and teaching needs. Having said this, learning from 'best practices' offers value in that it should inform and guide course design. The premise being that best practices are the result of successful implementation that can be extrapolated to new educational contexts.

With this in mind, the aim for the work that you will do in this section is to have you think and reflect on best practices, reach a consensus with your peers as to what best practices may mean for your own context and agree on what best practices you will implement as part of your online or blended course.