Using Quizzes

Quizzes are an effective tool to assess student learning and can be used for summative and formative assessment as well as self-assessment. Quizzes are a particularly effective tool to use in online and blended learning environments as the feedback, marking and grading can all be automated, saving a considerable amount of instructor time while meeting the needs of students.

Question Types

The types of questions available for online learning are organised into two broad categories:

Descriptions of open and closed questions Types of questions

Quizzes in LMS

Typically, LMS store questions in databases so that you can create quizzes with randomized groups of questions. Ideally, you develop multiple questions to test the same learning objective and store them in question banks. This allows you to later create quizzes that will "pick" random questions from the question bank. You may have several quizzes for the same section but all with different questions, which prevents cheating. In some LMS you can also randomize the questions so that each learner will get a slightly different quiz for the same content section. You will learn how to implement some of these features in the Quiz Module in Moodle as you prepare to do your Create a Quiz assignment.