Assessment, Quizzes and Gradebook

This book guides you through the process of creating quizzes in Moodle. You will go over the most common types of questions used in quizzes and assignments and you will learn how to set up the student gradebook.

Assessment Events

Based on the assessment (summative and formative) and self-assessment strategies you have planned for your course, you will create a variety of assessment elements for your course. These may include:

  • Quizzes with different types of questions
  • Essays
  • Discussions
  • Project work (individual and group)

The specific learning objectives will guide the choice of assessment events you will use for the formative assessment in the same way the course learning goals will guide the assessment events you will use for the summative assessment.

Examples icon


  • If one of your course goals is that learners will be able to

"build a dinning room table and four chairs in a specific type of wood and according to specific carpentry standards"

then part of your summative assessment may in all likelihood be a group project in which students will build these pieces of furniture.

  • If one of the learning objectives for a specific section of the course is that learners will be able to

"outline the steps required to build a chair in a specific type of wood"

then your summative assessment will likely include either an essay question where you ask students to outline and explain each step required in building a chair, or a multiple choice question asking students to select all the alternatives that are steps in building a chair, or an ordering question where you give students the steps in mixed order and ask them to put them in the correct order.