25. The ADDIE Model

25.1. What is ADDIE?

ADDIE stands for:


Identify all the variables that need to be considered when designing the course, such as learner characteristics, learners’ prior knowledge, resources available, etc.  This stage is similar to the describing the learning environment outlined in Appendix 1 of this book.


This stage focuses on identifying the learning objectives for the course and how materials will be created and designed (for instance, it may include describing what content areas are to be covered and a storyboard outlining what will be covered in the text, audio and video and in what order), and deciding on the selection and use of technology, such as an LMS, video or social media


The creation of content, including whether to develop in-house or outsource, copyright clearance for third party materials, loading of content into a web site or LMS, and so on.


This is the actual delivery of the course, including any prior training or briefing of learner support staff, and student assessment.


Feedback and data is collected in order to identify areas that require improvement and this feeds into the design, development and implementation of the next iteration of the course.