Sharing Your Work

1. Sharing Files

Once you have created a document, a spreadsheet or a presentation, you may wish to share it with others.   You may want these other people to view your work or you may want them to edit your work or work collaboratively with you to add more content.

Here are some ways to share:

  1. Send the work as attachments in an email or a text message (SMS).
  2. Print your documents on to paper and mail them or hand them out.
  3. Save your files to a USB flash drive and share the flash drive.
  4. Use your organization's network sharing service.
  5. Use the cloud and upload your documents to a social media site or to a file sharing service.
  1. Email works well for small documents that you want to quickly deliver to another person.  Most email service providers restrict the size of the files you can send via email. 

  2. Print is reliable and portable but slow to travel over long distances.  Paper is also expensive and environmentally wasteful.

  3. The USB flash drive is a portable tool but easily lost due to its small size.  It can only be shared with one person at a time.

  4. If you work for a large organization, they may have an internal sharing service.  Sharepoint® is the Microsoft version of this service.  These  services are secure and effective.  Sharepoint® is good for working together on documents but is restricted to users within the organization and sometimes, their guests.

  5. There are some highly technical descriptions of cloud computing but in essence, it spreads out massive amounts of data on to a series of servers.  For an individual user, cloud services (file sharing services) have developed that will host your data for you at no cost.  This frees up the storage area of your computer.  You can access these files from any device connected to the Internet, including your smart phone.  Some of these services also allow you to give access to your documents for other people to view and edit.