Assignment 1:

Write a report discussing how you would conduct the computer forensic investigation for the Employee Intellectual Property Information Theft scenario as depicted in Unit4. You are required to expand in detailed each of the individual steps involved during the investigation providing reasonable argument as to why you have chosen such approach, tools and methodology. Use the knowledge which you have acquired from Unit 1 until Unit 4.

The report should be of 3000 words and should cover the following computer forensic investigation processes:

Identification and Collection of Digital Evidence

Preservation of Electronic Evidence

Examination of Digital Evidence

Reporting the Result/Findings.

Criteria for Assessment

1. Report Structure: 10% (Table of Content, Table of Figures, Headings Titles etc)

2. Content:    30 %

3. Critical analysis and recommendations: 30 %

4. Language: 20 %

5. Use of references: 10 %

Assignment 2 – Group project: Ethical Hacking a Bank Online Services 

You are working as an ethical hacker and you have been asked by a bank to find all the threats and vulnerabilities which the bank would encounter when allowing their customers to bank online through a website and mobile application.  Following the ethical hacking process, write a report of 5000 words, detailing how you would conduct the Ethical hacking process (planning, tools selection, plan execution, result evaluation) and identifying all the potential threats and solutions which a customer and the bank might face when banking online. 

Criteria for Assessment

1. Maximum of three students

2. Report Structure: 10%

3. Content:  25 %

4. Critical analysis and tool selection: 30 %

5. Language: 20 %

6. Use of references: 10 %

7. Clear information on Allocation of roles during execution of assignment: 5 %

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