Practising My Skills - Team Assignment A

Team Assignment A - IT Skills Course

This is intended to be a collaborative exercise.  Help each other and share the tasks.

Your team is forming a music band!  Decide on a name for your band and on the general type of music you will perform.

Assignment A Part One

Using Microsoft Word®, write a single-page press announcement about your new band.  Please format this document using a Report template or pre-made Design that includes a solid line under the main heading of the document.

Write two paragraphs about the name of your band and what recording or tour you are about to begin.  The content is not important, just make sure there is enough text to create at least two paragraphs.

In a third paragraph, tell us about a band or performer you admire and add a hyperlink to a YouTube video or a Wikipedia entry about that band (if you are not online, please add a hyperlink to

Finally, at the bottom of the page, create a three-column table listing the first and last name of each member of your team, and their hometown.

Name the document using the name of your band and save the document to your desktop or to a sub-folder in the Documents folder.  If you are online, place a copy of your document in the course shared drive in the Cloud.

Assignment A Part Two

Using PowerPoint®, create a presentation about you as band members. 

Begin with a blank presentation format. 

The presentation should contain a cover slide, a slide for each member of the team and a closing slide. 

Each member page should contain your name, something about you and an image.  If you have a photo of yourself available, insert a photo (make sure your images are under 500KB so that your presentation does not get too large).  If you are online, you may choose an image from Wikimedia to insert into your page.  If you are not online and do not have a photo, you may select a WordArt image from the PowerPoint® Insert tab.

These are the minimum requirements for the PowerPoint® presentation.  If there is more time, you are encouraged to add a transition or animation to a slide in order to practice these skills.

Save your presentation to your desktop or to a subfolder in your Documents folder.  If you are online, submit a copy of the presentation to the course shared drive on the Cloud.

Assignment A Part 3

In Excel®, open a blank workbook and create a spreadsheet that contains the following information about your team members:  first name; last name; month you were born in; day you were born on; and a random number between 1 and 900. 

Sort the table so it is alphabetical by the first names of your team members.  

If available, search online to find a celebrity who celebrates the same birthday for each team member and enter that person’s name in a sixth column.  (If not online, add the name of a favourite celebrity).

Create a formula to add all the numbers in the random number column and provide a total at the bottom of the column.  

Save your spreadsheet to a sub-folder in the Documents folder.  If you are online, submit the completed spreadsheet to the course shared drive on the Cloud.

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