Submission Box: Morse Code Assignment

You are required to submit the following:

1. A report including the following (11%):

• The design of the IoT circuit using 123D Circuit site

• Building the actual IoT device which reflects the design

• Write the pseudocode for the sketch program

• Implement the sketch

2. A short video (less than 3 mins) that the device you have built is working properly (4%).

You will be assessed on the following criteria:

• Building and testing circuit on 123D circuit, available at: (2%)

• Building the actual IoT device (3%)

• Pseudocode for sketch (2%)

• Sketch (4%)

• Video of the IoT device responding to input and displaying values on serial monitor (4 %).

[Total: 15%]

Note that for the video, you are required to upload it on a YouTube channel that you have created and then submit the YouTube link in your report.