Guidelines For Creating Your First Digital Marketing Campaign

The work to be done

  • Identify the business or theme you want to promote
  • Identify your aim
  • Identify your financial means (note that some free options are also available and that we do not provide any finance). 
  • Identify your strategy
  • Create a Pinterest business account. This is free and provides a number of tools for analytics purposes and the ads platform. You only pay to promote a pin. You can also encouraged to convert your personal account to a business one.
  • Create a number of boards and pins. Start with a small number and then add to these. Add necessary descriptive text.
  • Create links to other social media for bonus marks. Similarly create links on other media to promote your Pinterest pins.
  • Join a Group Board which matches your content so as to get more followers.
  • Add new boards and pins regularly. Similarly you can delete old and non-popular content.