Assessment of Learning

The goal for this course is for you to be able to design and develop an online or blended course according to agreed upon best practices. Therefore, the assessment of learning will be based on the feedback you will get from the assignments you complete. Since this is not a credit course, you will not receive a grade. The feedback you will receive from the instructor will include some guidance  as to how you are progressing through the course. In addition, you will be able to gauge your own learning by taking into consideration the feedback you get from your peers as you design and develop your online or blended course.


As you work through the course you will be asked to do the following assignments:

  1. Create a course-blueprint 
  2. Develop a quality checklist
  3. Create a course plan
  4. Create course content
  5. Create a discussion question
  6. Create a rubric
  7. Create an orientation module

The assignments are designed so that you work on your own content, so you will be creating your course as you go along. Don't be overwhelmed by the number of assignments, you will have 9 weeks to complete all the assignments and some of them are simple and quick to do.

Group Work

For most of the assignments you will be working in small groups so that you can provide each other with meaningful and constructive feedback on the assignment work as you create your online or blended course.


There will also be some large group work as you are given a couple of webquest activities to complete:

  1. One about Bloom's Taxonomy
  2. One about OER

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