The digital market is in a constant state of flux. Yasmin et al., (2015) concluded that “just like Rome was not built in a day, so, digital marketing results won’t come without attempt and trial and error.” A digital marketing professional must find ways to keep up with this change. They need to be able to keep an eye out for emerging trends and the development of newer and smarter Search Engine Algorithms. After all, nobody can afford to get left behind in this race. 

Digital marketing has moved forward at extreme pace over the last 20 years and the way that people’s lifestyles have changed in the last 20 years is arguably beyond how they has changed in the 50 years before that: the introduction of the internet, mass smartphone usage, tablets, every age group becoming digitally savvy and so on – and the pace is not slowing. Understanding the marketing models that have been established for some time and how to apply them to your digital marketing strategy gives us a foundation to begin our strategy.

Unit Checklist

  • A history of digital marketing
  • Definition of digital marketing
  • The 4 Ps of marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Types of online presence
  • Digital marketing platforms
  • Digital marketing strategies 
  • Digital marketing plan 

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