Practising My Skills - Individual Assignment B

Assignment B - Individual

The final assignment consists of four parts to be completed over a two week period.  You will prepare three documents (a Word®
document; a PowerPoint® presentation; and an Excel® spreadsheet) for a fictional course and submit them to the locations indicated in the assignment details.  Finally, you will complete a brief evaluation of the IT Skills Course that will include a reflection on your learning.

To complete this assignment, you will need have access to a computer that has Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® installed.  You will need to be connected to the Internet to submit your assignment documents.


You have only three students in your class:  Jean, Maha and Laurence.  The class, called “Colour My World - 101”, begins in a couple of weeks but you would like to let the students know a bit about the course.

Assignment B Part One - Word

Using Microsoft Word®, prepare a one-page letter to Jean, Maha and Laurence explaining the course.  Include a table in the document listing the five key dates of the course:

  • January 1, course begins;
  • January 15, first activity due;
  • January 31st, second activity due;
  • February 15, submit final assignment.

Include a hyperlink to the main website for the Commonwealth of Learning. 

Include a properly formatted signature block at the bottom of your letter. 

Save the document on your computer and then upload a copy to:


The course you are teaching is about Colour Theory.

Assignment B Part Two - PowerPoint

Prepare a 5-slide PowerPoint® Presentation about the primary colours and post it. 

Include at least one image, one transition or animation, and one hyperlink in your presentation. 

The finished presentation must not exceed 5 MBs in size.

Note: do not spend extra time on the content, the point is to demonstrate that you can create a functioning and attractive PowerPoint® presentation. 

Save the presentation on your computer and then upload the completed presentation to:


Jean completed the first two activities but did not submit a final assignment.  Jean received a grade of 60/100 for the first activity and 55/100 for the second activity.

Maha completed all three requirements listed in the table in the Word® document.  Maha received a grade of 65/100 for the first activity, 70/100 for the second activity and 75/100 for the final assignment.

Laurence received 70/100 for the first activity, 75/100 for the second activity and 75/100 for the final assignment.

Assignment B Part Three - Excel

Using this information, create an Excel® spreadsheet that shows:

  • The students’ names (Jean, Maha, Laurence) in alphabetical order.
  • The due dates of the two activities and the final assignment (based on the table you created in your Word® document).
  • Which sessions were completed by each student and the grades they obtained.

Create a formula that will find the average overall grade for the second activity and show this result under the column for the second activity.

Create a formula that will find the average grade for each student and show this final grade for each student.

Save to your computer and then submit the Excel® file to:

Assignment B Part Four

This is your opportunity to reflect on your learning and to provide feedback about the IT Skills course.  Fill out the attached evaluation here and submit to your instructor via email or, complete the online evaluation contained in the Moodle course here.



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