6. - Too many emails from the course?

Are you frustrated by all the forum emails? You may be subscribed to all the forums,  meaning that you will receive all forum postings in your email box.

Everybody is subscribed to the news forum, because that is how your facilitator can reach you, even if you don’t log in to the course page. We assume that you regularly check your e-mails.

You can decide whether or not to keep track of what is going on in the course page without logging in. There are various ways to manage this.

  1. You can do this for all forums at once by clicking on Forums in the Activities block on your course page.
  1. You will see all the forums of the course listed. The last column of the table tells you whether or not you are subscribed. You can choose which resource you want to be subscribed to from the column by clicking on the Yes or No. Or you can subscribe/unsubscribe to all forums at once by clicking on Subscribe to all forums/Unsubscribe from all forums in the top right corner.
    subscribing to forums

Alternatively, you can manage the forums you want to subscribe to from the list. Click on No in the column on the right and it will become Yes.