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    A very warm welcome to Facilitating Using PowerPoint. We're excited to be working with you in the coming weeks. This course is about using PowerPoint to enhance teaching and learning. It aims to help you create engaging and effective presentations for use in your teaching.

    To get started, you need to become familiar with the moodle environment. The course introduction will help you get familiar with it. Click on the 'course introduction' link below.

    Let's Get Started
    Course Introduction: Let's Get Started

    Have you edited your profile and introduced yourself in the social forum? You will use the social forum to interact socially and network during the the course. Drop in often!

    Social Forum

    The course space has a forum for course news and a forum to get help.

    Course News and Announcements Forum for messages from your facilitator

    Q & A Forum for help with the course

    Have you completed all the tasks assigned in this introductory section? Before you move on to the week one tasks, take a look at the activity checklist to make sure you haven't missed anything.

     Course Introduction: Activity Checklist

  • By now you are familiar with the course requirements and should have acquired or refreshed your skills in how to navigate the Moodle environment. You will have edited your profile and introduced yourself in the social forum.

    Now let's PowerPoint! Follow the "Let's get started" link to begin exploring.

    Topic One: Let's Get Started
    Portfolio Forum for the major course assignments
    Topic One: Activity Checklist
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  • When you have completed this section you will be able to use a range of MS PowerPoint 2010/2013 technical features. Following web tutorials, you will refresh, upgrade or acquire basic MS PowerPoint skills. As evidence you will submit a set of PowerPoint slides covering the performace criteria and first learning outcomes listed in the course outline.

    Now let's skill build.....

    Let's Get Started Topic Two: Let's Get Started

    Topic Two: Activity Checklist
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  • You have learned a wide range of PowerPoint technical features. This week is all about critiquing, correcting, planning and designing. By the end of this week you will have aquired the skills and knowledge to plan an interactive learning session making use of self created PowerPoint slides as a learning resource.

    Now let's start planning and designing!

    Let's Get Started Topic Three: Let's Get Started
    Topic Three: Activity Checklist
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  • With your session plan prepared and set of PowerPoint slides designed, the time has come to implement the plan and facilitate an interactive session using the PowerPoint slide set as a resource.

    Now let's start facilitating....

    Topic Four: Let's Get Started
    Topic Four: Activity Checklist
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  • You have worked very hard to reach this point. In this final week you will look back critically at your achievements and attend to any aspects that you need to complete or update. You will evaluate the session you facilitated, the slides your created, and will also do a critical evaluation of this course.

    Now Let's start evaulating...

    Topic Five: Let's Get Started
    Topic Five: Activity Checklist
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