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Course News and Announcements
The News and Announcements forum is for your efacilitator to send you messages, updates, clarifications and reminders. The announcements go to everyone on the course and they are automatically copied to your email. Although this is a forum, it works like a one-way channel for your efacilitator to...

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Topic 1 Icebreaker: Who am I?

Using PowerPoint, create one slide with information about yourself. Use words and pictures to share who you are, what makes you unique and what your interests are. Add a background color. Experiment with word art.

Save your slide as a picture to your computer and then upload it to this forum. ...

Share your best and worst PowerPoint experiences

There's a ton of advice to be had on PowerPoint, but nothing makes a point quite as well as real life. Even with the best advice, it's hard to know what's going to work…or isn't, until you're in the middle of the presentation.

Tell us your best and/or worst PowerPoint story. It doesn't matter if ...

Topic 2 Topic Two Reflection

Take a few moments to reflect on your experiences acquiring MS PowerPoint skills. This was a self guided week. You had to learn the skills on your own using online tutorials and by conducting Internet research. Did you receive support from a class mate? From your mentor?

What challenges did you ...

Topic 3 Topic Three Reflection

Take a few moments to reflect on your experiences with planning and developing Power Point slides and preparing for your learning session. This week you learned about quality, interactivity and design best practice.
What challenges did you encounter? Are you ready for your session?

Post your ...

Design tips for creating quality interactive PowerPoint slides

You have been reading and researching about PowerPoint design tips, how PowerPoint slides can facilitate learning and what makes a good interactive PowerPoint slide. Based on what you have learned, use this forum to share your critical view on best practic design tips for creating quality ...

Topic 4 Topic Four Forum: Preparing for facilitating a training session using PowerPoint

Join or start a discussion on the preparation needed for facilitation using your set of PowerPoint slides you designed. Have you organized everything you need in advance? Do you have a technical person to help you or can you manage everything yourself?

What are your biggest concerns? Do you feel ...

Topic 5 Training Session Reflection and Self Evaluation

Take a few moments to reflect on your experiences with facilitating a training session.
What challenges did you encounter? What went well? What needs improvement? What feedback did you receive from your mentor/assessor and from those who attended your session? What did you learn from the ...

Topic Five Forum: What I still want to say about PowerPoint!

In this forum you can start discussions and react to other participants postings on any course related aspect you might have wanted to mention in regards to PowerPoint.

How hard was it to learn all the technical aspects of PowerPoint? How will you use PowerPoint in the future?  What did you learn...

Resources Portfolio Forum

This is your private portfolio forum. You will receive badges for completing the four major tasks and assignments as outlined below. 
*Please note that the maxiumum file size to upload is 2mb. If your files are larger, please email them directly to

Planner Badge

In week one ...

Q & A Forum

Forum to place course related questions on "How do I ..." "I need help with..."

Social Forum

The Social Forum is a space for you to interact in a social and informal way. Use this forum anytime you need a break from the course activities, to meet up, hangout and chat, make connections and share interests.

Get started by clicking on the "Add a new discussion topic" button at the bottom of...