Topic Four Forum: Preparing for facilitating a training session using PowerPoint

Join or start a discussion on the preparation needed for facilitation using your set of PowerPoint slides you designed. Have you organized everything you need in advance? Do you have a technical person to help you or can you manage everything yourself?

What are your biggest concerns? Do you feel prepared?

Think about issues related to:

  1. Setting up the hardware, your labtop, beamer/projector and screen
  2. Skills in using MS PowerPoint in slide show mode. Using options such as forwarding slides; “B” “W” keys; use of presenter’s mode, use of laser, pen, highlighter; completing interactive textboxes.
  3. Do's and don'ts when facilitating using your PowerPoint slides as learning resource.

Which of the do's and don'ts are unique to a "PowerPoint" session? Which apply to EVERY face to face facilitation session? Which facilitation tips do you think are the most important? Make at least 3 critical contributions to this forum.

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