Learning Outcomes

At the successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Use range of technical features of MS PowerPoint in creating PowerPoint slides.

  2. Create a set of PowerPoint slides for use in a learning session aligned to specified learning outcome in own vocational area meeting technology and educational standards.

  3. Demonstrate the effective use of quality PowerPoint slides in an interactive learning session.

  4. Demonstrate a critical approach to the use of PowerPoint slides in an interactive learning session through participating in on-line discussion forums.

The first learning outcome, covered in the first two weeks of the course, focusses on refreshing, extending and/or acquiring skills in using the many features of Microsoft PowerPoint. The evidence you will have to produce is a set of PowerPoint slides that demonstrate all the features outlined in the performance criterias of Learning outcome 1.

Learning Outcomes 2 and 3 ask you to plan, design and use in an interactive learning session PowerPoint slides as a resource to enhance learners understanding of a topic in your vocational area.

Throughout the course you are to demonstrate a critical approach to your own work and that produced by other course participants. The evidence for this is your active and critical participation on a number of discussion forums in this course.

The details of the learning outcomes, what you are required to demonstrate (performance criteria) and the evidence you have to produce in order to be declared 'competent' can be found in the course outline.

COL will issue you a certificate to recognise any (or all) of the learning outcomes you have achieved. The successful completion of this course contributes to meeting the mandatory competence “Produce and use in a learning situation, a complex slide‐based presentation” of the INVEST Africa FaB Teacher Competency Framework. As such it contributes to acquire the FaB Teacher COL recognition. For details see http://flexibleskillsdevelopment.ning.com/group/fab-quality-recognition

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