Getting Down To Work - Microsoft Word

1. Microsoft Word®

Word icon  Word processing was one of the first applications developed for computers and is one of the most used applications for personal and office productivity. Originally it was an application developed for the production of print material as a replacement for the typewriter. The advantages of using a word processor over the typewriter is that mistakes can be corrected easily and documents can be saved for future use and edited as needed.

Microsoft Word® is a word processing tool.  Documents can be basic printed text or fully formatted versions with tables of contents, page numbers, headers and footers, charts, tables and images.  In addition, batch mailing of form letters is possible, and notes and comments can be inserted.  The software can automatically check and correct spelling and grammar errors.

Il peut même traduire des sections de texte.  It can even translate sections of text using installed dictionaries or a built-in link to the Web.  Newer versions of Word® are only slightly different than earlier versions.  The reference in this section will be to Word 2013®.

Note:  It will not be possible to learn all of the functionality of a progam like Word® (or Excel® or PowerPoint®) in just a few hours.  The intention is merely to introduce you to these office tools.  The more time you spend browsing around in the programs, hovering your mouse over different sections to see what they do and creating practice documents, the more thoroughly you will learn the powerful built-in features of these tools.