Welcome to Topic Three of Facilitating Using PowerPointIt is recommended that you complete all the activities by the 5th of October. If you are finished sooner, move on to the next topic.

This week you will be planning a learning session (presentation) that will be supported by PowerPoint slides. The activities this week will help you acquire the skills and knowledge to plan an interactive learning session making use of self-created PowerPoint slides as a learning resource


PowerPoint Tip! No paragraphs! Where most presentations fail is that their authors put everything they want to say onto their slides, in great big chunky blocks of text. Yikes!

Your slides are the illustrations for your presentation, not the presentation itself. They should underline and reinforce what you’re saying as you give your presentation — save the paragraphs of text for your script.

Let's get started with Topic Three.....

What should your PowerPoint slides look like?

You first task is to research design tips for using PowerPoint to enhance learning. Remember, this isn't the same as presenting to an audience, this is about enhancing learning. What might be good practice presenting at a conference might be bad practice when facilitating learning using PowerPoint slides as a learning resource. There are different views about what makes a quality slide to facilitate learning.

task Read the following resources and open a word document and make notes highlighting the most important design tips:
  1. Criteria for quality PowerPoint slides
  2. Design Tips for PowerPoint slides
  3. How to make effective presentations (ppt) by Satyateet Singh
  4. Technical criteria for PowerPoint slides (checklist)
  5. PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines
  6. Becoming PowerPoint capable. Tips and tricks by Shelly Belflower

Design Tips for using PowerPoint to enhance learning.

Now search the Internet and find more design tips and add them to your notes. Cite the URL and share images if possible. What was the most important thing you learned in your research? Did you find a tip that surprised you? Did you find bad advice?

task Add to your notes on design tips.

What criteria should my PowerPoint slides meet for use in a learning session?

Most information on the web on PowerPoint presentations and slides relates to business environments, conferences, motivational talks - the presenter wants to sell a product, an idea, a message, wants to convince and win over the audience. However you want to use PowerPoint as a tool in facilitation - to assist learners to learn. Hence you are to think of the educational value of using PowerPoint slides in a session.

You will need the pedagogical criteria to 'measure' whether slides that may be technically perfect are of any use as resource in a learning session and you need to understand what makes a good interactive PowerPoint slide set for use in faciliation?


Read the following resources

You have been reading and researching about PowerPoint design tips, how PowerPoint slides can facilitate learning and what makes a good interactive PowerPoint slide. Based on your notes, your research and the resources provided, use the forum linked below to share your critical view on best practic design tips for creating quality interactive PowerPoint slides for use in facilitation.

Forum: Design tips for creating quality interactive PowerPoint slides for use in facilitation

Critiquing PowerPoint slides

Your next assignment is to critique and correct a series of PowerPoint slides against criteria.
task Assignment: Critiquing and Correcting Slides

Now that your have corrected and redesigned the PowerPoint slides, upload them to the assignment area. Check the design corrections your fellow course mates uploaded. Comment on their re-designs.

task Assignment Upload Area: Corrected PowerPoint Slides

Preparing your PowerPoint enhanced facilitation session.

With your skills in using MS PowerPoint and your knowledge on quality slides for educational use you are ready to prepare for your own session. Your next task is to write a learning session plan that will be supported by PowerPoint slides.

Key aspects to consider

  • Clear well phrased objectives for the learning session
  • Related to audience / learners (prior knowledge & experience, cultural background, age, interests, etc)
  • Activity based: allows learners to actively interact with the content
  • (formative) Assessment of understanding and progress The pro forma session plan will guide you.

Download copy of the Pro forma session plan, save as<initialname>_Session_Plan_vs1.

Complete the session plan.

Meet with your mentor

Share your session plan with your mentor. Get their feedback and advice. Agree on a date for your session. Your mentor is to be present in your session and has to complete and submit an observation checklist.

At the bottom of the session plan is there is a section to be completed by your mentor.


Upload the completed session plan with notes from your mentor and agreed upon date to the Portfolio Forum

Designing a PowerPoint enhanced facilitation session

Using your Session Plan as a guide begin designing a set of quality PowerPoint slides to support it. Use the Checklist for a set of PowerPoint slides to ensure you are meeting the design criteria.


Checklist for set of PP slides to be used for facilitation

This has been a busy week! Have you completed all the activites for topic three?
task Topic Three: Task Checklist


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